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Reservation General Information:

Reservations are required.  In general, a 5 day minimum lead time is required to schedule a trip.  We may be available on shorter notice, but  can't guarantee this. Contact us for availability and trip scheduling.  Your reservation will be confirmed upon receipt of a deposit of TBD for Small Boat Trips or $100 for Large Boat Trips.  See the Policies  page ( Reservations bullet ) for deposit refund details. 

 For small groups, you may wish to check the Trip Match page to see if a combined Large Boat trip is available with other small groups with your interests.

 Trip Payment:  We accept payment by credit cards (Visa, Master Card, Discover Card), personal checks, and cash.

 One note for credit card users.  If you need to cancel your trip and need to receive a refund of the reservation fee, please contact us. We will issue a credit to you through the card company.  If you personally cancel the charge (typically called a "dispute")  the cc company charges us $25 and imposes significant additional paperwork.


A Note About Weather, Tide and Night:

Some trips and destinations require mid to high tides to accomplish.  When scheduling an excursion, departure and duration times may have to be coordinated with tide stages.  We'll discuss this with you and set up your trip when you make reservations. 

Obviously, if really nasty weather occurs (ie very high winds, extreme rain, etc.) on the trip day, we may have to cancel.  See the Policies  page ( Inclement weather bullet ) for refund details.  Morning fog, most common during fall and spring, may require departure delays.  This usually only persists for an hour or two and the trip can proceed.  Reasonable visibility is a requirement for safe boating hence potential delays for fog.

We can and do travel during darkness.  Night cruising is done at low speed (ie 6 to 8 Kts) for safety reasons.  This results in longer destination travel times.   

Ways to Reserve Your Trip:

 By Phone:  Give us a call at 706-533-6552 and well take your information.  This is a cell phone and we are usually available.  If not just leave a message and well get back with you.

 By E-mail:  Send your information to  We need your name, phone number, trip date(s), specific excursion you wish, and number of adults and children for the trip.  DO NOT SEND CREDIT CARD NUMBERS by E-mail—it is not a secure method.  This method alerts us to your desire to reserve a trip, however we’ll need to communicate with you for additional details.

 By US Postal Mail:  Same as E-mail except you’ve got to put a stamp on it.

Your Comments, Suggestions, or Questions are welcome. 
Please E-mail, write, or call us at:



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