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General:   While this is a bit long winded, it is our belief that if you are fully informed about excursion conditions, your trip will be more enjoyable and without surprises of the unpleasant sort.

Safety---The primary duty of any Captain is “The safety of his vessel and crew”. Before each trip, a short safety briefing (~5 to 10 min) for guests will be held. This will cover life preserver fitting, common hazards aboard small craft, and relevant emergency procedures. Should any guest have handicaps or special needs please inform us when reserving  the trip and we will accommodate if possible. Consumption of alcohol is not allowed during trips.  Illegal drugs are strictly prohibited.

Resource Protection--We have a truly spectacular coast, and it is our duty to protect and preserve it for ourselves and our descendants.  Fortunately, we can both enjoy this area and protect it also.  The plants and animals that live here are well adapted to the environment, but don’t well tolerate being disturbed.  Plants should not be cut, disturbed or collected.  View and enjoy the animals, but try to do so from a distance that doesn’t agitate them.  The land forms (sand dunes, etc) should not be dug up or extensively trampled.  Help protect this land by leaving only footprints and taking only memories and photographs.

Privacy---All communications between Guale and customers are strictly private. E-mail addresses,  personal information, addresses and telephone numbers are considered confidential and never provided to any other organizations. Your contact information, e-mail, phone numbers, etc, are used only to provide information you request or for specific trip arrangements.  Communication between customers and Guale is initiated only by the customer.

Customer Satisfaction---We strive to have only satisfied customers.  If you feel that your trip was not as discussed or described in our literature, let us know.  We will attempt to correct the situation.  If , on the other hand, you were pleased with your excursion, let your friends and associates know.  Word of mouth is our best advertisement.

Reservations --- Reservations are required.  In general, a 5 day minimum lead time is required to schedule a trip.  We may be available on shorter notice, but  can't guarantee this.  Contact us for availability and trip scheduling. Upon  our receipt of a reservation fee (TBD for Small Boat Trips or $100 for Large Boat Trips) , your reservation will be confirmed . This fee will be refunded if you provide a five  day notification of your cancellation or anytime if we must cancel. Full trip payment (minus the  reservation fee) is due before leaving the dock. 

Inclement Weather Refunds--- Should weather conditions or a sea state exist (before or during a trip) for which the Captain determines it is unsafe to proceed , the trip shall be canceled . If canceled before leaving the dock, a full refund will be tendered to guests. A pro rated refund will be tendered if a trip is canceled during travel.

Children---We welcome children on our trips.  Those under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or designated guardian (those between 19 and 89 are exempt from this requirement).  Children 10 yrs and under  must wear a PFD when underway (see Trip Preparation page for details).   Note: We make exceptions to the "parent present" requirement for organized youth group trips. Please contact us for details.

Pets---While we are fond of animals, pets are not allowed on trips. Most pets, if not trained from a young age, tend to be uncomfortable aboard boats. They may injure themselves or other passengers.  Additionally, many of  the islands  which we explore do not allow pets on land.   Note: Service animals may travel aboard with prearrangement.  Please contact us and we'll work out details with the animal’s master and other passengers as necessary.

Meals---Drinking water and soft drinks are provided at no additional charge for guests. Guests may feel free to bring snacks or meals as they see fit based on the length of a specific trip. Limited ice chest room will be available for perishables.

Gratuities---All of our services are covered by the published fees. Gratuities are neither required nor expected. However, aboard you will find “The Ship’s Cat’s Box” (not to be confused with “The Ship’s Cat’s Head“). Contributions to the Ship’s Cat are welcome and all proceeds are equally divided between Boy and Girl Scouting, The American Red Cross, and The American Humane Society.

                        Tigger--The Ships Cat

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